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Almost summer 2010 and already hot and getting hotter.  almost 90 in early May.  thanks goodness for small favors with oil spill troubles in La. and East toward Fl.  It sure could be Texas getting hit with oil.  seems just another disaster just like hurricanes.  Hurricanes hit La. first and then whacked Tx later.  Hope this will not be repeat of La first then Texas.  Fishing this year is doing well, since we missed the bullet with cold winter and freezes.  we had coldest winter in a decade but it didnt affect the fish polulation like it could have.  Froze my pipes and bushes for first time in 20 years but fish ducked it.  trout and reds population is doing great around Galveston but flounder are reported down.  

March 2009

Winter is over , spring is sprung.   fishig is shirt sleeves even if it is snowing in Ok, and N Tx.  we had good start last week with March,spring break.  caught mackerel, reds, trout, bull reds and black drum,  sharks, catfish,  sheepshead, pompano.   what a mix.  this guys in pic had never fished inGalveston b4 and this was first time to catch any of the fish he caught today.  fishing will only get better with water warming to over 70F.  I hope business doesn't get oo good so I will have time to catch my own fish.  Last week i kayaked in anahuac Tx, Triniy bay.  the wind was way too much but I found waterway protected some from wind.  Kayaked up into wind a ways throwing bass assasins along the way.  Had waders on so got out once in awhile and waded along bank.  caught 2 beautiful 24" reds b4 I didn't like the weather all that much and headed back to truck.  Going hit that hole again next week either with kayak again or get buddy with little boat to take me along.  Looking for some nice trout to go along with the reds.  24" speckled trout would look good on stringer.  CU  Joel

Jan 2009

Wow it is still January and it must be coldest day of year, almost freezing.   At least it is sunny out here and not cold like Chicago where it was -20 this morning.   That is way to cold and why I left there many years ago.  Not sure why I stayed there and didn't come to Sunny Texas sooner.  We almost had freezing here last night but missed the worst of the arctic front, that went east.  One of those arctic blasts can be tough on our speckled trout.  A freeze can set back the trout population for several years, but it hasn't happened for quite a while and populations are good.  But they,TPWD, say our flounder populations are way down and probably due to warmer waters, especially further south from Galveston. 

Forget that it is cold now.  Spring is Near and fishing can't be far away.   We are working on our boats, fishing tackle, trailers, and web sites while it is too cold to fish.  I'll be back out on water next week when high should be above 70F.  I'm trying to get our tuna boat in condition to make long run to big rigs way offshore where water is 75F.  It is sure a long run, 120 miles, and take too long on our tuna boat.  It is not one of those 100 mph boats and more like 10 mph.  At top speed she goes about 15 mph but fuel consumption goes way up.  The tuna boat, Wasabi, is 45' Panga made in Korea by Hyundai.  We have made the long run in past winters but she is still having minor problems from IKE.  Hope to finish preparations this month for february trip.  Need to make sure everything is shipshape, batteries charged, fuel clean and full, rader mounted, etc. 

Don't forget, Fishing is Fantastic with Capt. Joel.   Bay fishing, Jetty fishing, Offshore Fishing.  Y'all come down ya hear! Capt. Joel

Jan 2009 HI fishermen.  I'm starting a blog to tell youall about our Galveston Texas Fishing.  Unfortunately now is not the best time for fishing as it is cold and rainy outside.  Great time for starting a blog. 

What do fishermen do in wintertime when it is cold fishing?  well I have been trying to upgrade my fishing tackle  with better and more user friendly reels and rods.  I am selling some of my current reels on Ebay that I don't use often, along with some of my old equipment as well.  I now have listed for sale a Penn senator 9/0 classic big game reel.  They sell pretty good and turn a pretty penny with good interest.  I also am selling a used depth finder and GPS map off one of my boats.  I got new units for the boat last summer and had the old units laying around.  Surprise,  they are generating interest on Ebay and should sell at decent price. With the Ebay $$ generated I can look over other reel options and am picking up some nice bait casting reels for trout and red bay fishing.  I have mostly used open face spin casters for my trout lure casting and bait use.  But I have noticed many guest fishermen find the left hand retrieve for spinners awkward.  They can't easily turn the rod upside down and crank left handed.  So I am picking up some nice conventional bait casters similar to what the bass fishing guys use.  Texas trout guys mostly use the conventional bait casters too.  It is funny that in florida and east coast, fishermen more frequently use spinners.  I guess Texas guys have their own systems and set ways.  I won the auction yesterday on a new Shimano Corvalis 400 and am anxiously waiting to check it out.  It is a round reel with good capacity and should be good for casting to trout and reds as well as bigger fish like bull reds and drum.  I will probably load it with 30# braid line, which is small ,strong, and no stretch. 

This is boat show week in Houston and I might run down to the show to see what is new in boats and fishing.  They will probably have a bunch of new boats and motors there that I cant afford or need.  But it is always nice to see the new stuff.  My current two boats have been checked out during the fall and a couple glitches have been dealt with.  Darn boat motors are sure problematic and seem to get out of kilter too much.  Both boats ran good last summer and waited till fall to start acting up.  At least they were not affected by IKE like a lot of boats were.  I ascaped IKE much better than many did and am thankful for the miss.  We moved our boats out of the water and onto high ground away from the high water surge.  Out tuna boat was at Payco marina where all the boats floated up onto the I45 freeway.  Thank goodness we moved her the day before IKE and lifted her to high ground at the shipyard.  

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