Trout fishing good this month


Shark time summer



Yep BIG drum running Now.

 March 19 2015

55 pounds

winter in Texas, 32F on Thursday,  but spring and summer are right around corner.  Happy Valentines Day.  We've been scouting and found a few fish, last couple weeks.  Mix of trout, reds, drum, and sheepies.  Caught em mostly with old standby, live shrimp.  Suns out today and boat is running great. Big drum like this one will be running soon.  Lets go fishing.


Hey its summer time,  Lets go Fishing!  Seas are starting to calm down and fish are biting.  We are catching a mixed bag of redfish, trout, pompano, Jacks, sharks, and mackerel.  What are you waiting for, lets go.  

WOW Spring is upon us. we spent winter in Costa Rica fishing for sail fish.  Fishing good there this year and we caught several.  Since our return we have been checking our equipment.  Boat is running great and has undergone routine annual service.  Rod and reels have been cleaned, oiled, and line replaced.  Ready for Spring Break Special, $100 off regular rates for all you big groups of 4 or more.  BIG black drum are active in spring, like this one!


July-August is typical hot fishing time Galveston.  Recent trips to Galveston jettys and Galveston channel have been good for speckled trout.  Fishing with live shrimp and live croaker was good for mixed bag of trout, mangrove snapper, and sand trout, plus lady fish for some jumps.  August is always the best month for Big blacktip, spinner, and bull Sharks. Galveston is busy in august and come join the fun.  


Wow it is summer in Galveston Texas and fishing is great recently.  Trout, reds, sharks, drum are all thick around the Galveston Jettys.  Sunday we had a couple firemen from Kilgore Texas that wanted to experience saltwater fishing.  They were bass fishermen but had fished little in saltwater.  They adapted well and caught a variety of speckled trout, redfish, mackerel, drum, and SHARKS.  Sharks are schooling near end of jettys, blacktip and sharpnose.  The firemen were planning to cook up a bunch of fish and shark for the Firehouse and tell tall tales.  

Bring the kids for some shark fishing too.


Spring is now transitioning to summer except for another cool front.  We had a really good day at jetty this week and water was up into magical 70+F temperature.  Our 2 good fishermen caught 2 nice Redfish, 2 big sheepies, and a dozen big trout up to 6 pounds.  Then Sargent Curtis caught a sharpnose shark for his bucket list.  Fishing season is here for the summer.  


Mayday trout-reds

Spring is Here.  BIG red and black Drum are waiting at the Galveston Jettys. Plan your Galveston spring Break now and catch a Big fish.  Sheepshead are biting for springbreak too.  bull

Almost Thanksgiving.  Last weekend we had 3 guys out in the contender.  Caught a dozen Bull reds and couple flounder out by Jettys.  Nice day yesterday and went out for some flounder to grill for Thanksgiving Dinner. Found em where they were last November. 


Summers come and gone.  Fall blew in and now its flounder time.  We caught some nice fish last couple weeks with speckled trout 24 & 28", reds 30+, sharks 5', and flounder 22".The big 3, trout, reds, and flounder all should be good in bays for the fall on live bait or artificial lures.  Weather is cooler and not so darn hot to fish.   Come on down for some nice Texas fall fishing.  Inquire for special prices?    


Whew long hot summer.  Plenty fish during the hot weather all summer.  Trout fishing by the jettys has been excellent when water calm and clear.  Reds have been getting better recently and should go ballistic with Isaac in La.  Looking forward to labor Day weekend and hope remnants of Isaac will diminish from strong N winds and return to mild SE.  Expect to catch some bull reds this weekend and rest of summer going into fall.  Mackerel have been good when water is clear and spanish macs are large guys this time of year.  Soaking shrimp is still the best way to good stringer when near jettys.  Our best day this summer  was couple weeks ago and water was super clear.  Caught mess of speckled trout, slot reds and macs, then ran down off beach.  We watched schools of jack Crevalle swim by, caught sharks, then watched big Sailfish swim within 20 feet of boat and circle. "beautiful Sail".

Summertime Fishing is on us with migratory fish and sharks all in attendance.  Water temp is almost 80 F and fishing is hot too.  We've been catching some nice trout in the bay along with a wide variety of drum, lady fish, perch, and smacks.  Lots of sharks in surf along with mackerel and trout. 

Easter week Great fishing
Took the family out to Galveston jettys and caught a bunch of sheepies, spanish mackerel and gafftop then picked up some nice trout on way back to dock.  Sure made some fine fillets for fish tacos.  Then a few days later hit our trout hole again.  Kinda slow till afternoon then we landed 5 trout with one 28", 8 pounder.  Next day we took family from Nevada out for some fishing.  The boys wanted sharks or something big but we hadnt seen any sharks yet.  Tried jettys for a little and not much luck.  We netted up some fresh live menhaden shad, then headed off in gulf to rig.  Anchored up next to leg and wham bang lost several on light rods.  Got out the big rods and landed 5 blacktip sharks and a slot red.  Boy those boys had a great time.  JOTrout4

Capt. Joels wallhanger trout
Spring Break and Rodeo time. 
Weather is summer one day and winter next day.  Fishing is same hot today and cold tomorrow.  We have been catching trout, reds, and flounder fishing Galveston bay on nice days from our skiff.  Big Drum are showing up at Galveston Jettys and flats.  Sheepshead are other sure thing this time of year.  Shrimp next to rocks will find some sheepies for sure.   

Happy Holidays, water is cool but we are still fishing.  Flounder season was good with several good days of flounder catching.  We had good day fishing Clear Lake before Christmas.  Caught some big sheepies, rat reds, and some good trout.  Our big trout was 27", 6.5 lbd and caught on live shrimp drifted.  we have a small boat for one or 2 guys to fish special price, $200, half day.   


Winter Fishing & Flounder fishing  Had a great day with December season on Flounder now.  Flounder are moving and hungry.  Catch em while the catching is good. 

Bull Reds Days of October-November,  catching bull reds now and starting to catch Flounder too.  Fall special,  $100 off all rates!!

Shark Days of August, finally able to reach our shark hole and sharks were waiting.  We found shark pack near some structure and caught and released about 20 spinner sharks from 30-100 pounds.  They were in feedin Frenzy and stayed with boat for an hour while we chummed and kept one in water.  We had quadruple hookup and usually duall hookups.  I must of gone thru a box of hooks and swivels.
large spinner shark

Hotter than a firecracker on July 4, fishing and weather too. Winds have finally laid and water is improving daily.  July 6 fished some Ft Worth police guys.  They caught lots of spinner sharks, spanish mackerel, big bull red, big Kingfish, and nice Jack crevella. 

Jack with nasty attitude

HOT time Galveston June 6. Hot fishing and Hot 100F
Caught nice mess of speckled trout and blacktip sharks!!

Friday 13,   fishing with couple buddys at Galveston Jettys.  Hooked nice trout and red.  On 14 had charter and wind was from North at 20+.  found hidey and still caught a nice mess of speckled trout and sandies.  

Had a red banner day on saturday.  Caught 6 big redfish, most over 28".  Also caught a limit of 16 sheepshead and several slot black drum.  whew almost ran out of hooks and sinkers.  Then my knife bout wore me out at cleaning table.  

Spring Break Week fishing improved all week after rainy cold front Monday.  By friday it was 80F, sunny and fish were biting.  Caught some nice red and black drum along with a ton of sheepshead fish.  Sheepshead are a bunch of great eating, bay snapper.  Spring was here officially on sunday and fishing will get better and better till summer.  

Spring break 2011 red

Costa Rica rooster fish


Fall bull red 2010

King Mackerel

summer 2010 shark


May_troutSpeckled trout

 80 F and fishing is like summer too.  water temp almost 80 at jettys.  Early May fished the jettys and Texas City flats, catching speckaled trout, reds, sharks, sheepshead, and spanish macs.  shrimp bait scarce but they catch fish at jettys, lures work better back in bay.  Fishing should remain great on into summer if darn oil spill stays in La. and east. 

Spring Break and March Madness
Black drum aka BIG Uglies have been running this past week.  One day we caught 20 of the big bruisers.  We stopped fishing for them and then they ate our shrimp that was for whiting.  water has warmed to 65F but another coldfront will knock that back.  trout have been biting for us at night and in West bay. 


Its a New Year 2010.  Fishing has been slow and cool or maybe cold.   We've been out some hunting for some trout and reds with mixed success.   We found slot reds last weekend in Brazos river even though it was cold and windy.  Now it is colder and a little rain mixed in.  Good time to work on reels, boat, and web site.   Reports are at least favorable for trout and reds with no reported freeze kills and good bite in west bay.   Jetty reds should still be hanging around and big uglies should get better soon.  We will be out as soon as it warms up a little and track down some fish, at least for dinner.  Capt. Joel

Lil boys  BIG BullsDSC01794
October has been bullish

Its Fall now and Big Bull Reds are here

Bull reds have returned to Galveston and should hang around for a few months.  We caught a limit Monday.


KINGS are here for the summer in galveston

DSC01739Blacktip shark

June and summer is turning fishing around and fish are to be found in usual hideouts.  Trout, reds, and sharks have been good near jettys.  Offshore a little ways the sharks and Kings are waiting for a nice day to fish.  We are busy but have time to book you a trip this summer. 


April showers and Wind

May has blown in to Galveston.  Yes literally it has really been windy.  20+ mph most days makes it tough to get on fish and stay on them.  We have been hunting hard for the fish and finding a few and missing a few.  Tried night fishing under bridge lights for trout on Mothers day.  caught several small trout at night next to lights.  The 4 guys only fished with artificials even though I left my best arty box in truck.  After daybreak we scouted the south shore and found a nice fat 25" speckled trout chasing bait. 

Capt. Joel


March Madness 2009

Still March madness, snow in N Tx, and OK.  fish biting in galveston. Jason from Tulsa, Ok and his first time to fish in Tx saltwater. 


We have been fishing March Madness this week.  Mom,dad, son daughter, grandma and they all caught fish.  Plenty of Big drum up to 50 pounds.  Spanish mackerel are in too.  little girl caught 3 bigs spanys today on zebco with dead shrimp.  We caught 2 sharks this week too so spring is really here.  She helped her daddy catch this Big Ugly/drum.


Spring Break 2009

Redfish have been hitting at jettys and bays.  We need some warmer water before the real spring fishing kicks in.  Gulf water temp 65F March 12,2009. Cold fronts coming thru don't help, especially for offshore.  We have caught nice reds last few trips and they are fun to catch.   We can find you some fish for sure.  fishing will get better every day.  Capt. Joel

Winter 2008 Report:

Spring can't be to far! Spring brings spring break and big Uglys,black drum.  Yeah there are Big and ugly. Fight reel good but don't taste too good and not legal anyway.  Sheephead is another spring fish and they are ugly too but they taste good even if they are hard to clean. 

 We fish all winter for trout and Reds.  West Bay is famous for winter trout and slot reds.  The jettys are holding big reds and drum along with speckled trout. On warm days it is real nice to get out. The darn cold fronts come thru frequently and are tough on fishing.  But after they clear it can become warm as a spring day.  we were out last Sunday on great winter day.  Fished off Seabrook flats for speckled trout with a friend and his son.  It was foggy early and bait fish were stirring on surface.  I managed to catch a few sand and speckled trout on plastics.  They sure made some fantastic fish tacos back at la casa.  Capt. Joel  

Call for a trip now for some great winter fishing.  832 221 1201

bullreds Fall 2008



Summer is our best time of year.  Seas are usually calm and migratory fish come nearer shore.  Sharks come into shallow nearshore waters.  Kings and Spanish mackerel are available in easy runs offshore.  Dolphin can be found in weed lines and patches, especially on clam days.


Fall is famous for Bull Reds.  These bruisers are great fighters and arrive in large numbers.  Sharks and mackerel are still nearby before departing for warmer water for winter. 


Winter in Texas is variable and migratory fish are further offshore in warm waters.  Tuna and Wahoo are famous near floater rigs and coral patches.  Bay fishing for reds and trout continues even after cool fronts rool through. 

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